Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

One of PAJHRA’s primary goals is to facilitate communication and collaboration between Adivasi organisations, non-Adivasi organisations at the local and state level, the government, and multi-stakeholder networks. PAJHRA helps represent the voices of Adivasis in wider conversations on development and rights in Assam.

Adivasi’s 2020 Vision
From 2010 to 2011, PAJHRA helped sponsor consultation meetings with stakeholders of the Adivasi society to draft a document entitled “Adivasi Vision for 2020.” The consultations included workshops and seminars with student organisations, women’s groups, and intellectuals and professionals at the district, regional, and state level. The Adivasi Vision for 2020 draws from these consultations to identify ten areas of focus for the decade, including education, health, identity, economic advancement, political advancement, and awareness and pride in Adivasi culture and history. Adivasi Vision for 2020 guides programming for the various stakeholders over the course of the 2010-20 decade.

Mediating Community Disputes
Over the years, tensions have occasionally arisen between the Adivasi community and other tribal groups. In these times, PAJHRA, a respected member of the community, brings people and organisations together to advocate for peace and calm, understand each other’s challenges, and channel their energy towards non-violent, proactive solutions.

Training Centre
PAJHRA offers its training centre as space for groups to come together to discuss and advance ideas to support the Adivasi community. A training centre is a meeting place for many community members.

Participation in Multistakeholder Networks
PAJHRA regularly collaborates with multistakeholder networks such as the People’s Rights Forum, All India Network to End Human Trafficking, and Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. PAJHRA works with these groups to ensure Adivasis are represented when goals for Assam are discussed because without PAJHRA, the Adivasi voice would often be missing. PAJHRA’s participation also shows that Adivasis are committed to helping other groups achieve their own social goals in a unified, diverse society.

PAJHRA dialogues with the government to improve challenges in the Adivasi community, such as seeking a better education for children in tea plantations, and better healthcare for women. PAJHRA also helps other organisations access government officials to bring about change.