Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis

Human Trafficking

Trafficking of young women and boys for domestic work or sex is a serious challenge facing the Adivasi community. Young women and boys looking for a better life in towns and cities often fall prey to unscrupulous middlemen, who lead the individuals into situations of forced servitude. The problem has become more acute due to constant conflict in Assam, low education levels among Adivasis, lack of opportunities for youth, and poor living and working conditions in the tea plantations.

PAJHRA responds to the challenge of human trafficking by educating community members on the risks of unsafe migration and helping communities identify probable areas of trafficking. PAJHRA also supports community-based organisations, particularly the youth body and the women’s forum, to take part in personally monitoring the safety of their communities. In cases where a victim is trapped and in need of help, PAJHRA also communicates with appropriate government departments to seek the release of the person.