Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis

Disaster Management

Flood is a recurrent phenomenon in Assam. Every year, heavy rains in Arunachal Pradesh flow down the Brahmaputra River through its tributaries, causing widespread devastation. Thousands of families lose property including crops and livestock, while annually hundreds of people die as well. Those living in the embankments of the river are the worst affected. Victims of flooding are forced to live in makeshift camps for days and months with little access to food, clothing, medical aid, clean drinking water, and proper shelter.

Flood Response
PAJHRA started responding to flooding in 2012 after a devastating flood struck Sonitpur district, where PAJHRA is located. After that flood, PAJHRA became a core member of the state’s Inter-Agency Group (IAG) that focuses on flood concerns. PAJHRA also helped create the district-level IAG in Sonitpur in 2017 and currently is the convenor of the committee.

Sonitpur district is particularly vulnerable to flooding. PAJHRA collaborates with other agencies to support people in distress in the district by providing them non-food items including blankets, tarpaulins, hygiene kits, and other essentials.

Flood Preparedness
Because flooding is an annual phenomenon in Assam, PAJHRA seeks to develop long-term preparedness for flood emergencies. PAJHRA will work with state and district IAGs and the District Disaster Management Authority to take advance steps to mitigate flood impacts when flooding occurs and work towards prevention of flooding.

• In 2017 PAJHRA responded to flood situations in 12 villages of two blocks of Balipara and Naduar in Sonitpur district. Seven hundred households were given relief materials, such as non-food items, along with technical support and assistance from Save the Children.